Carpe Noctum

Whispers in the dark, brought into the light.


Carpe Diem. Sieze the day. Make the most of the present moment. It has all sorts of positive connotations.

Carpe Noctum. Seize the night. Sounds a little dark and negative.

However, I would prefer to look at the two sayings in a different light.

Seizing the day is easy. It’s simple to be productive and positive during the day, going on our adventures and enjoying what the world has to offer.The night is used to recover, refresh and rejuvenate the soul to be ready to seize the next day.

Those hours at night though. Those hours are when the world truly comes alive. When the monsters come out to play. When darkness is free to run rioting across the landscape, bathing the Earth in its glorious shadow.


It’s the time when our deepest thoughts are brought to the surface, those moments we lie in bed.

It’s the hours when inspiration strikes as we plan and ponder our precarious existence.

It’s the minutes we spend thinking about what we want to do instead of actually doing it.

It’s the seconds I spend lying on my bed, thinking about someone special to me.

The night is when you get to be the truest version of yourself.

It’s time to seize the night, to bring that deeper part of yourself out to play.

You can’t have light with darkness, or darkness without light.

Sometimes all you need to do is let your inner demons out and play with them for bit, after all, it must be lonely for them inside you. Become who you are truly meant to be and free yourself. The night is not as dark nor full of terror as you think.

If you truly want to live, then Carpe Noctum.