I know what you’re thinking… do I (being me) really need to start a blog and if the answer is yes, then why should you (being you) take any interest in it?

The short answer is you show an interest in my life because you care about me and my latest endeavors (assuming that you are my friends and family that have followed this link from my Facebook page). That being said, some of you may be random strangers from the internet debating whether my blog will be worth following…. and if you are then please follow me and check back regularly? I mean, I just asked so nicely and politely… probably something you don’t find on the internet very often. I’ll even bake you cookies and ship them to you no matter where you are. I promise.*

Space to Share (may end up changing that name soon…sounds a little too nice/weird/therapeutic for my tastes) is a place for me to share my thoughts, adventures and any anecdotal ramblings that I think you’d find interesting. However, it’s also a place for you to share your own thoughts and ideas about my posts. This isn’t just my Space to Share, it’s all of ours.

No, this isn’t going to be a group therapy site (although I majored in/have an interest in Psychology), but rather just a blog where you can have your say about anything and everything. I want to expand this into something great in the future and have many, many of you contributing to this blog. I want to build a community where anyone can post something and reach out to other like-minded people. And yes, there may be other websites/blogs like this one, but there is one thing that’s going to be very different in this blog… one very important detail that will set this blog apart…


Yes, I may have licked my laptop screen. If you licked yours now too, we just made out….

…..dude you need better skills. Your make-out game is definitely not on point.

Anyway, regular posts will begin soon, so for now I leave you with one of my favorite jokes, just so you know what you’re in for.

What’s funnier than a dead baby? A dead baby in a clown costume.

Dark humor for the win…. I promise I’m not a serial killer.

*I’m serious about the cookies. I will bake and ship them to you no matter where you are. Try me.