A GPS, or Global Positioning System, is used by people to determine either:

  1. Where they are.
  2. Where they are going.
  3. Where the nearest McDonalds is so that they can cram not-chicken nuggets down their throat.

It’s relatively easy to find your way around the world, to find yourself physically.

Where though, is the GPS for life?

Now, if you’re a religious person, then you’d probably just say “Jesus, take the wheel” or something similar, relying on the chance that there is a God out there that will help you to correct your course and answer those questions for you.

That’s a bullshit way out. Do you really want to believe that every thing that happens to you and everyone around you is an act by a higher power that all fits into some master plan?

No, when you feel lost, you first need to determine where you are before you can determine where you are going.

I’m at a very critical stage of my life. I’m at that point where I’m old enough to be independent, but young enough to not have all the resources to do it. I’m stuck between trying to be an adult and trying to hold on to my youth. Most of my generation are. People in this age group tend to feel lost, apart from the few people that have it together and are coping. We end up relying on feelings of nostalgia to keep us going and clinging to our identity as “9o’s kids” even though none of us are young enough to use that title anymore.

I don’t know where I am. I’m somewhere, pulled between too many different factors in my life.

I can’t really determine where I’m going, since I don’t know where I am. How do you start a journey when you don’t know the exact route you need to take or the ending? How do you begin to travel when it is so easy to get lost?

The road is dark, but it still needs to be traversed.

Easily. Just take the first step and keep on walking until you find a place where you belong.

We are told when we’re young that we need to plan out our lives. We need to choose our subjects, choose a degree, choose a job. If you don’t have a plan when you enter the world, then good luck, because chances are that you’ll drown. And if you aren’t sure of what you want from life, then you’d better find something to do and pray that it suits you.

I was rushed into choosing a path in life without being sure I wanted to begin walking it.

Many of us are. Many of us choose a path because we are told to, not because we want to. We go through day after day, week after week, month after month, trying to dwell on the positives of choosing this path.

My path was weird. I walked along a path I knew, but in the corner of my eye I saw intersections, other routes that would take me somewhere, to another destination, somewhere cloaked in shadow but able to be brought into the light.

It took me a while to get the courage to step off the path and follow a new one.

Don’t get me wrong, I learned a lot on the path I was on.

I met people that shaped me into the person I am today. People I hope to keep in my life. It was those same people who encouraged me to take the chance and forge my own path, unsure of where I was going, but knowing that somewhere, sometime, I’ll find the end of my journey. It’s funny sometimes, that even when we take the wrong path, we find the right people.

Just travel, without any worry about getting there.

Life doesn’t have a GPS, and it doesn’t need one. We need to get lost. We need to stop focusing on the destination and how to get there. It is enough that you’ve begun your journey. You need to enjoy the ride, enjoy the experience, enjoy the people. Take a detour, turn around, find a partner that will walk with you.

The journey towards who you are and what you will be is what makes you ready to arrive at your destination. If you cannot enjoy the travels, you will not find your destination. We just need to keep walking, head held high, knowing that we are heading down the right path and trusting in ourselves that one day we will reach the end of this journey and find a place to settle our souls in.

People put too much emphasis on getting to places in their lives. They believe that the ultimate goal in life is to arrive. I believe, that the way you get there is more important. I’ve stopped planning, stopped worrying about where I want to end up. I’m appreciating every day, living it to its fullest. I make last minute plans, survive on whispers of sleep every night and push myself out of my comfort zone as much as possible. I enjoy my life, my journey, knowing that every day I get a little closer to my destination.

And even if I spend every day getting closer without arriving, I will enjoy it. My journey is filled with amazing people, with crazy experiences, with joy, laughter, anger, sadness, depression, screaming, crying, happiness and love. Right now, my own GPS tells me I’m on the right path, travelling at the right speed and that I just need to keep going. Who cares whether I get there or not.

Don’t let other people determine your life, your goals, your dreams, your aspirations. Forge ahead following your own ideals and the people who travel with you are the people that belong in your life.

Find your path. Find your people. Find your passion.

Ignore the destination.

And safe travels.






You know what time it is?


Dammit people, I’m trying to be deep here! But there’s nothing like contrasting a deep piece about life with a poorly-timed joke about deceased minors.

How do you make a baby crawl in a circle?

Nail one of its hands to the floor. 🙂

See what I did there? I made a joke about a baby travelling…. and my piece is about travelling…. LINKAGE!!!

Stay sexy.