Do you lie?

Of course you do. The majority of us will tell a little lie every now and then to help us out of a situation or cover-up a detail we don’t want noticed.

I was sent a small paragraph this week from a friend that compared the truth to a woman standing above us while we toil away trying to please her, to reach her standard of perfection, while lying was the woman that gave us comfort in our efforts, that kept our spirits up, yet we spit upon her because we are told that her comfort is not something that we should embrace.


We strive to be truthful, yet fall into the lies because they are easier to manage. The lies we tell can bring people comfort, while the truth can be painful to process. Do we really need to blame someone for lying when they don’t want to hurt the person involved? We hate ourselves at times because we know that lying is a necessary evil in our lives, yet that doesn’t make it easier to do.

Yet the other half believes that we would rather tell the truth and live with the pain, knowing the pain would be greater if the lie is eventually discovered. Rather face the pain now and find comfort thereafter.

What would you call a lie that is never discovered?

The truth, because people would not know that the alternative was even possible if the lie is good enough.

The truth is an overrated concept at times. We would rather lie down in the warm embrace of our lies that have to face the stark reality of the truth. The concept of truth, lies and how they shape the world is a one that is easy to understand but difficult to fully grasp. There is no clear cut answer to whether the truth or the lie is better.

The only way to choose which is better between the two is to determine which option which bring the least pain into your life.

The liars believe that their lies are what keep you warm in those moments when you’re about to freeze so that you never truly experience the cold. For in their hearts, they want to shelter you from the world to keep you safe.

The truth-tellers believe that you should embrace the cold in order to understand what true warmth is. For in their hearts, they believe that without knowing bad, you would never fully appreciate what good is and if the truth brings you pain, then you will know what true comfort is when it finally comes for you.